Who is eligible to attend American Legion California Boys State?

California Boys State to male high school students who have completed their Junior year of High School but have not yet begun their Senior year.

How are California Boys State delegates chosen?
Delegates to California Boys State are sponsored by local American Legion Posts. Male students in their Junior year of high school that are interested in attending should first contact their high school counselor to express their interest and to find out if their school has had the opportunity to send delegates in the past.  Most schools that send delegates make recommendations to their local American Legion Post. If the school has not sent delegates in recent years, the school or the interested student should contact their local American Legion Post for further assistance.

Who do I contact if a student or school is having difficulty reaching their local American Legion Post?
You may send an email to:
Tim Aboudara, Chief Counselor at
or to Richard Shick, Director at
Please include school name and city where the school is located in your email.

When are Boys State Delegates chosen?
Boys State delegates are typically interviewed and chosen between February 1 and April 15.

I have been chosen as a Delegate, what happens next?
Upon selection, you will be given a Blue Sponsorship Card. Follow the instructions given to you by your American Legion Post Chairman. Fill out the card, sign it, have one of your parents sign it and have it signed by your high school Principal. Complete the Online registration Process (carefully follow the instructions attached to the Blue Card). After you have completed your Online Registration, be sure to promptly return the Blue Card to the Boys State Chairman of your sponsoring American Legion Post.

On or about May 1, you and your parents will receive an email informing that your Delegate Packet is ready to be downloaded. Please retrieve this promptly. The information in the packet will provide you with just about everything you should need to prepare for your week at Boys State. The information in the packet will provide you with just about everything you should need to prepare for your week at Boys State. The packet will also contain information regarding The American Legion Samsung Scholarship. The application process will take a little time, so be sure to start on it early.

Your sponsoring Post Chairman will provide you with information about a date and time for your Orientation and the transportation arrangements for getting you to California State University, Sacramento. Please remember that delegates are not allowed to drive themselves to the campus and have the vehicle there while participating in the program.

What do I do if something happens and I am not going to be able to attend California Boys State?
If something happens and you are not going to be able to attend California Boys State, please contact the Boys State Chairman of the Post who sponsored you as soon as possible. Your fee to attend has already been paid by your sponsoring Post.  By contacting the Boys State Chairman immediately, it allows them to contact an Alternate to attend in your place.