Delegate Instructions for Completing Online Registration

  1. Before going online to complete the Online Registration:
    1. Make sure you have:
      1. The NAME of the Sponsoring Post (this is not the name of the Post Chairman, but the NAME of the Post)
      2. The Post Number of the Sponsoring Post
      3. The American Legion District Number of the sponsoring Post
      4. The information for three bullets above should be provided by the Boys State Post Chairman of the Post sponsoring you (NOTE: You will not be able to complete the Online Registration Process without the above information)
    2. Completely fill out the “Blue Sponsorship Card”
    3. Read and sign the portion of the form headed “To be Filled Out by Applicant”
    4. Read and sign the “General Rules” section on the back of the “Blue Sponsorship Card”
    5. Have your school principal sign the “Sponsorship Card”
  2. Once you have completed Section 1 above:
    1. Go online to and look for the “Online Registration” link. Click on the link to begin.
    2. You will need the completed “Blue Sponsorship Card.” Enter the following information:
      1. Your shirt size (you will not need to put this on the Blue Card)
      2. Registration Card Number (4 digit number between 5001 and 6500)
      3. Check the box with your t-shirt size
      4. Last Name
      5. First Name
      6. Middle Initial (If no middle initial ENTER: ‘NMI’)
      7. Age
      8. Email address (If you do not have an email address, Enter: NONE)
      9. Re-type your email address for verification (If you do not have an email address, Enter: NONE)
      10. Mailing Address
      11. City
      12. Zip Code
      13. Home Phone
      14. Your Cell Phone Number (If you don’t have a cell phone, enter 000-000-0000)
      15. Parent/Guardian Last Name
      16. Parent/Guardian First Name
      17. Parent/Guardian Email Address (If your Parent/Guardian does not have an email address, Enter: NONE)
      18. Re-type Parent/Guardian Email Address for verification (If your Parent/Guardian does not have an email address, Enter: NONE)
      19. Parent/Guardian Mailing Address
      20. Parent/Guardian City
      21. Parent/Guardian Zip Code
      22. Parent/Guardian Home Phone
      23. Parent/Guardian Cell Phone (If your parent/guardian does not have a cell phone, enter: 000-000-0000)
      24. Name of Sponsoring Post
      25. Sponsoring Post Number
      26. District Number of Sponsoring Post
      27. High School that Delegate Attends
      28. High School SAT Code (Note: This field is optional…it is the only optional field)

  3. When you have reviewed the information and you are ready to complete the Online Registration: Click on Submit
  4. Once you have completed the Online Registration Process:
    1. Check the line on the front of the “Blue Sponsorship Form” that indicates: “I have completed the Online Registration”
    2. Contact the Post Chairman of the Sponsoring Post and return the completed “Blue Sponsorship Card” to him/her
  5. If you have any questions, please contact your Post Chairman for assistance


  6. Delegate Packets will be available online for download on or about May 1. Notification of the availability of your Delegate Packet will be sent to you and your Parent/Guardian via email on or about May 1. If you have not received an email with the URL to retrieve your Delegate Packet by May 10, please contact the Post Chairman of your Sponsoring Post for assistance. This is the preferred method of delivering this information to you and your Parent/Guardian. It will insure that you receive the latest information.
  7. If you do not have email and/or online access to download the Delegate Packet, one will be sent to you via U.S. Mail on or about May, 1.


  • Select your local District number
  • optional